Patrick Stahlberg

Contact Me


I prefer being contacted via Email at <patrick-www att> (replace the " att " by an at-sign ("@"). Email is usually the fastest way to contact me and it is most likely to be answered quickly.

Encrypted email

I support and recommend the use of encrypted email. Please use my S/MIME key.
SHA1 fingerprint: CC 75 C0 A0 FA DA B2 49 6B A3 34 9F C3 00 E3 5C 64 18 A9 86
MD5 fingerprint: 3D 47 BC A1 94 D2 13 76 15 C6 9E B9 0C 40 BD D1

I don't actively use PGP any more, but I keep my old keys around in case that's more convenient for you. My encryption key is #341AC844, and the key I used for signing is #971374C3.

Instant messaging

I use the instant messaging networks Google Talk, AIM, MSN, ICQ, Skype and Yahoo. To contact me, please ask me for my screennames, or use the respective search functions.

Social networks

Web-based social networks have become quite popular in recent years. I am a member of OpenBC (mostly German business contacts), Facebook (American college students) and StudiVZ (German college students).


You can contact me and expect answers in English and German. If you would just like to talk about names, the weather and what I had for breakfast today, you may also contact me in French or Spanish, and soon in Portuguese!